Determined to Lose The Weight on My Own

I’m sitting here one year later and weighing the same as Oct 2014. Great, you say. Not so great. Two years ago I started a journey to loose weight. I sat at 268 lbs and was the only sibling who hadn’t undergone gastric bypass surgery.

Fat Diminisher bodyI was determined to lose the weight on my own. Well, I lost 75 lbs on another program and was so Express proud of myself. This time last year I started on maintenance. Big mistake. The plan I was on didn’t have any follow-up or maintenance, so, I gained 30 lbs in less than three months last winter.

All last spring and summer I was so depressed because I kept trying to get back on Fat Diminisher and could not do it. No matter how hard I tried, I could not eat another of those pre-packaged cheap jerseys from China meals.

I thought I would always be like this and then one day while surfing the web up pops Fat Diminisher System. Well, I was interested to say the least. No diet, no prepackaged meals, no “bad” foods, and I have one or two days to “eat up”. And best of all I don’t have to do cardio if I don’t Construction want to. I buy the Fat Diminisher program and jump right in. I have never lifted a weight in om my life.

Jump ahead 12 weeks and here I sit 30 lbs and 8 inches lighter. What’s so different than last year you ask Discover More. Knowledge and a supportive community. I now can either continue with my weight loss and reach VI numbers or start maintenance. The choice is mine, and I now know I can do either one and have support along the way.

I suppose that could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you’re obsessing over. For me, it`s recording my calories, and I get made fun of because of it. I don`t care, because I wouldn’t be where I’m at now if it wasn’t for that and of course Fat San Diminisher System!

I`m maintaining now, but I still find myself wanting to loose just a little more weight. That could turn into a bad obsession if I were to let it get out of control, but I love food too much, so I don’t see that happening.

It balances out pretty good, because even if I’m in deficit on a few days, I usually make up for it on the weekend. I haven`t Free been on here Spaces in awhile and just wanted to check in and see what`s new and see other`s stories of inspiration and similar struggles we all have day to day.

I forgot last week, I forgot to look for the small, good things in life and I got lost in all the mad stresses and strains of an insane work schedule, kids, school, no money, housework and washing and just to top it all off a major bout of PMS. Suddenly there was no light at the end of the tunnel and everything piled in just drowning me.

I cried a lot (completely unlike me as I’m far too British to show that kind of emotion normally – I believe firmly in the ‘stiff upper lip’ – head down get on and wholesale mlb jerseys work through it!)

I did start on a major stress eating binge and missed a couple of workouts, but I pulled it back and went back and counted my calories as best I could. It was not the best week but I still lost a wholesale nba jerseys pound.

However, yesterday I remembered something really important. I remembered how strong I am, how capable, how much I have already fought through, and how I can do all of this and still have something for me. I can still fit in the workouts, still count the calories, still continue on my pathway to have the figure I want, to feel healthy and happy and positive, whilst staying on top of all the other stuff.